Buy land, they're not making it anymore.

Mark Twain

Real estate and land are among the three most important asset classes for investment, alongside gold and shares, as long as the general conditions are favourable. We know what really matters and we’re here to accompany you all the way from choosing a property to selling it, taking a competent, discreet and proactive approach.

Our expansive network trusts us to advertise investment properties, made available exclusively to our investors, that are not yet on the market. These include:

  • Plots of land
  • Project developments – greenfield and brownfield
  • Development projects – from planned ones to approved ones, from
    those in need of renovation to new builds
  • Revenue properties
  • Commercial properties such as hotels, offices and shopping, retail and logistics properties
  • Specialised properties

Discretion remains our core principle throughout: We can prove to our real estate suppliers and sellers at any time that we treat our transaction details with the utmost confidentiality. We only offer your property to those whose acquisition profile matches that of the property.

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Our values.


Beacon Invest advises and guides buyers and sellers of investment properties in Austria, Germany and all other CEE countries alike. We only market properties which are not yet otherwise available on the open market, known as off-market properties. In order to maintain confidentiality, the properties are never advertised or offered via internet platforms or social media.


One characteristic that separates us from ordinary real estate agents is the personal guidance we offer through our unique Investors’ Club. We present interesting properties to our prominent investors, advise them on how to extend their property portfolio and prepare all sales in a professional manner. Our investors include project and property developers as well as affluent individuals, family offices and institutional investors.

Discrete und direct.

Generating high demand for a particular property is relatively easy thanks to today’s media. This does not, however, guarantee a successful sale. Often a particular property’s marketability reduces rapidly as a result of widespread presence online. It is for this reason that finding the right investors, and doing so discretely, is our highest aim. Beacon Invest initially communicates only with members of the Investors’ Club who have provided their acquisition profile and signed a confidentiality agreement. Only after this stage will projects be offered to selected third parties to whom the same strict confidentiality requirements also apply.


Property transactions are commonly believed to be a simple affair, akin to buying clothes off the rack. We take a different view, however, because for us every property is unique. We offer guidance to sellers and investors through our professional team which has many years of experience in the property and project development sectors and who have also conducted property projects at their own risk. Extensive specialist knowledge about property-specific, general and legal aspects forms the basis of our guidance and we ensure our advice is up to date through ongoing training and refresher courses.

Consistent processes.

When marketing properties, Beacon Invest strictly observes mutually agreed upon processes and agreements in order to guarantee optimal security and discretion for all parties throughout the transaction.


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