We are networkers, brokers and consultants.

The Beacon Invest Group was founded to transfer lucrative projects to prominent investors. As Beacon Real Estate GmbH, we focus on buying and selling exclusive real estate. Beacon Advisory GmbH offers support for mergers and acquisitions.

Our philosophy.

We search, buy and transfer.

Our task is to filter through suitable projects and property investments and pass them on to our network of investors. Our aim remains the same throughout: Discretion and exclusivity. We never publicise our projects widely but rather we focus on our stable Investors’ Club with which we are in close contact. The advantage of this is that we know our investors and they know us. This generates trust and transactions can be processed quickly and reliably.

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Our team

Anton Cermak


Anton Cermak has been working in the finance sector for banks, insurance companies and investment advisors since 1986. He spent more than 15 years of that time in various leadership positions as a regional director, division manager and executive board member. Furthermore, he attended the Vienna University of Economics and Business, where he specialised in financial planning. Between 2011 and 2014, he was responsible for the private banking sector of a private bank in Vienna. He then established his own emerging investment consultancy company and ultimately incorporated it into Beacon Invest GmbH.

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Harald Uidl

Mag. (FH)

Harald Uidl worked in property procurement corporate consulting for a long time before joining Beacon Invest Group. As one of its co-founders, he contributed towards the establishment of Beacon Invest in 2017, having previously held prominent positions in distinguished companies. Through his financial training, he has gained expert knowledge in project management, development and board activities. Even during his studies at business school in Vienna’s Neustadt (FH für Wirtschaftsberatende Berufe), he was gaining international experience through semesters abroad in Australia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. He later completed additional training to become an organisation consultant, property broker and property manager.

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